If you have something to say let your Councillors and Local Member of Parliament know about it;

City of Stirling Mayor and Councillors

The City of Stirling is made up of 7 wards. Each ward has 2 Councillors, and the Council as a whole has 14 members. Councillors decide who will be Mayor among themselves after each election. The Mayor holds office for two years.  The next election will be held on the 21st of October 2017.  This year voters will also be able to have their say on how the Mayor should be elected, by the people or by the 14 Councillors.

For full contact details and ward details City of Stirling website.  If you are not sure which ward you are in see the Ward Map.

Our Mayor is Giovanni Italiano , the Deputy Mayor is Keith Sargent and all other Councillors are listed below his email address.  You can simply copy and paste all of these email address into your email.


City of Stirling Executives :

CEO –  Stuart.Jardine@stirling.wa.gov.au
Director of Planning and Development – Ross.Povey@stirling.wa.gov.au
Director Community Development – Trevor.Holland@stirling.wa.gov.au
Director of Infrastructure – Michael.Littleton@stirling.wa.gov.au
Director Corporate Services – Clinton.Booth@stirling.wa.gov.au
Manager of Parks, Reserves and Street Trees – Ian.Hunter@stirling.wa.gov.au

Local Members of Parliament:

Legislative Assembly (Lower House)

Ms Lisa Baker MLA Member for Maylands email: lisa.baker@mp.wa.gov.au

Ms Amber- Jade Sanderson MLA Member for Morely amber.jade.sanderson@mp.wa.gov.au

Mr Simon Millman MLA Member for Mount Lawley simon.millman.mla@mp.wa.gov.au
Ms Margaret Quirk MLA Member for Girrawheen email: girrawheen@mp.wa.gov.au
Ms Janine Freeman MLA Member for Mirrabooka email: mirrabooka@mp.wa.gov.au
The Hon Liza Harvey MLA Member for Scarborough email: liza.harvey@mp.wa.gov.au
Mr David Michael  MLA Member for Balcatta email: david.michael@mp.wa.gov.au
Mr Tony Krsticevic MLA Member for Carine email: carine@mp.wa.gov.au
Mr Sean L’Estrange MLA Member for Churchlands email: Churchlands@mp.wa.gov.au


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