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      • HelloLeisha
        thank you.
        I’m confused. I thought you were the Tree network? Sorry it’s confusing, this seems to be leafysuburbs but it says stirling tree network? Are they different? Happy to show people our *huge* verge we converted to a wonderland of water wise plants – and help out others.

        • Hi Sue
          It is the Stirling Urban Tree Network. leafysuburbs@iinet.net.au is the email address or you can email me directly on leisha_jack@aapt.net.au.
          It is early days the group is just forming.
          I will put you on the email list, let me know if you don’t want to receive emails. Sorry will respond to your recent emails. Need to get into the habit of checking that iinet account. We will get there.
          cheers Leisha

          • Thank you Leisha

            I understand how much work it is to get a volunteer group happening – I worked in international aid for years and do volunteer work as much as I can now.

            I fight as hard as I can to help Perth see what mistakes we are making by destroying green spaces – I have lived around the world and know other cities would envy us, the opportunity we have to save them before they are gone

            Thank you for posting the win regarding Delta Airlines not transporting trophy hunting. I’m lobbying to get SAA airlines to stop doing so. Cecil’s murder at least sparked a response. As Dr Jane Goodall said, it is at least a positive out of a horrific act.

            I look forward to helping with the trees network.

            Kind regards Sue

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