Stirling votes to #ScraptheDAP

South Perth DAP decision WAToday

The City of South Perth, facing an unprecedented era of growth in a previously quiet town centre, has revolted against state development assessment panels. Photo: Emma Young (click  to read article)

The City of Stirling tonight resolved to advocate for the abolition of the State Government’s undemocratic and destructive Development Assessment Panels (DAPs).

The DAP process and their decisions are outraging communities across Perth, by imposing inappropriate developments in residential areas, through a developer friendly undemocratic process, often resulting in the lost of trees and amenity.  See the Agenda item (pages 151 -169). 

Approximately 18 Councils have done the same and around 26 separate community groups have so far joined forces in the fight to #ScraptheDAP.  See Communities and Councils Against DAPs.

A Notice of Motion to abolish DAPs or change the DAP process, was raised by City of Stirling Councillor Elizabeth Re on the 15th of March, 2016.

Tonight (17th of May, 2016) the motion was voted on,  the first 3 of the following 4 revised recommendations with minor adjustments were approved (see pages 167 to 169);

Revised Recommendation;

1. That Council ADVOCATES for the abolition of Development Assessment Panels (DAPs) on the basis that: (see points a, b and c on page 167/168)

2. That Council ADVOCATES for Ministerial call in powers to replace Development Assessment Panels and to operate only for applications of regional significance (i.e. in excess of $20 million or more).

3. That Council ADVOCATES for consideration of the following reforms to the Planning and Development (Development Assessment Panels) Regulations 2011, in the event that DAPs remain in place, to ensure greater accountability, transparency and procedural fairness for ratepayers and residents through the Panel’s assessment and decision making processes:- (see points a to l on pages 168/169)

4. That Council AUTHORISES the Mayor to write to the Minister for Planning and Disability Services and the Director General Department of Planning, seeking their support for a comprehensive review of the operation and structure of Development Assessment Panels, addressing but not limited to the following concerns:- (points a to f on page 169)

Well done Councillor Re !

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  1. Hello my area has major issues unfortunately not even looked at the same way you appear to in your area. Who can I approach.
    Concerned ratepayers and conservative.

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