Heart Foundation calls for more trees

Heart Foundation call to action

See the Heart Foundation’s Call to Action;

Making the case for investment in street trees and landscaping in urban environments

4 thoughts on “Heart Foundation calls for more trees

  1. More trees – yes please!

    Start by stopping cutting down the mature trees we have Perth Councils!

    • It is not simply a case of planting trees. We need to save our mature trees because of their many environmental and health benefits. We need our health authorities to become actively engaged in protecting the natural environment. Saving our urban trees and stopping the spraying of poisons will protect our climate and reduce public health costs.

  2. We all know, intuitively, that we feel better when we are near “Nature” – plants and trees – so let’s all do whatever we can, even if small, to increase vegetation in our streets and communities. Start with succulents if you are not a gardener…they will help create microclimates, too.

  3. Yes, you are all correct. Too many people justify the removal of large trees with the replacement planting of several smaller trees. It is not the number that is most important but the size of the canopy and the benefits that these larger trees provide. I have looked at many planted advanced trees that will never become large, mature trees in the future due to several limiting factors. These include compromised below and above ground form as a result of poor growing conditions in the nursery, a lack of available soil volume, poor planting techniques, and prevalence of pathogens…just to name a few. We need a complete shift in our thinking if Perth is to remain as a great place to live…otherwise it will become a barren, sterile hot-box.

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